Thursday, July 16, 2009

A pointless story

One day, the dog named John walked over the street.
Suddenly, a pink car with three legs ran over the street. It stopped
and asked for the 5`th session of Friends, but John told that it wasn`t made yet.

The car was angry, and spitted cacodemons out his two mouths.
The cacodemons duplicated each other, and ate up all
the Scooby-snacks. The old lady shouted at Pikachu, and fired
a missile at him. Pikachu evolved into Weedle, and throwed a
burning banana at the car. The banana got angry, and tried to
rule the world. John told the banana that MTV ruled the world, 
and ate him. 

The banana tasted old shoes, wich was not so weird, 
because it was a super sayajin. The green pig with the bell, 
ran towards the car, and exploded like a sheep.
Suddenly, the car started an earthquake, and the whole world turned
into a ice cream. The orcs started an revenge on Donald Duck, and
turned him to a pink bear.

 The old lady advanced into level 10, and
turned into a Fire Demon. The fire demon burned down all mushrooms,
(which was the houses on the planet) and fried all flying carrots.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

so scary you will cry lol

I wrote this!!!!

you have to go all the way down to read this scary thing or whatever

In America there was a mass murder. Policemen went to investigate. Trying not to tread on the bodies, the police took pictures of each one. One policemen saw something on the opposite wall but he couldn't read it. He walks over to it and sees the numbers "7734" in calculator form, written in blood. When taking pictures of this he turned his camera upside-down and told an approaching police officer. When he pointed with the hand that the camera was in, he accidentally took a picture of the upside-down numbers. The policeman was about to delete the picture when he realized something. The numbers were now a word. The word was "hELL." Submitted by cherry307

I come from Canberra, the capital of Australia. Just out of Canberra, on the way to Sydney, there's a huge lake, called "Lake George." These days, as Canberra and it's surrounding area is faced with one of it's worst droughts in years, you would never guess that not that long ago it was filled with water, at times overflowing onto the road. Many people spent fun summers fishing and swimming there, but not everyone had such happy times. Many people lost their lives there, and there are stories about ghostly sightings that go around Canberra. One of the best-known is that if you drive past the Lake George at night by yourself and look in the rear-vision mirror, you'll see someone sitting in the back seat of your car. There have also been reports of ghost trucks and cars that drive along the highway late at night when few cars are traveling. Legend by cherry307

There is an urban legend in my town of Kokomo, Indiana. We have many urban legends in fact, but there's one in particular. The story is set on Old Sycamore Road which an old road in the farmland, and open field area of my town. There's a small bridge off Old Sycamore Road that takes you onto another road, and it takes you to the next town. The story goes a man, or a boy fell off the bridge, and died once hitting their head on the rocks underneath the bridge, and if you were to drive on Old Sycamore Road at night, and you were to cross that bridge, then the "ghost" of the man, or boy appear next to your car once you pass the exact spot they had fallen from until you exit the bridge. My friends and I have tested this urban legend many times, and we have yet to see anything. We don't even know if anyone really died there, but true or false, it's an interesting, and eerie story, and visual.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Summer has come, with its hot sunny day, making all beautiful things around us, such as holidays in the country, picnics and haymaking parties.

What color is summer? May be it is colorful or maybe green, just like the huge kinds of colorful rubber bracelets, spectacular and gorgeous! When spring came, she found the earth cold and bare, but soon she changed a lot. By the time summer arrives, it could be a very different world. It become a green place now, green leaves on the trees, green plants crowding in the hedges, green grass in the fields and flowers like the colorful silicone wristbands opening everywhere.

Daytime is longer in summer than winter and night is shorter, for the sun gets up early and goes to bed late in sunny June. It is one of the best and brightest months in the year. Birds sing from sunrise till long after sunset. When night falls, birds stop their singing one after another, and after a few last sleepy sounds, put their heads under their wings to rest for an hour or two before beginning again. They do not fall asleep deeply, however. When it comes a smooth sound and other birds are quiet, but another one louder this time after a few moments, soon the nightingales start their beautiful songs. 

The nightingales sing not only at night, but almost on every hot day in early June, the little brown birds sing away in the roads and woods, but, as all the other birds are also singing at the same time, we do not notice their voice so much. It is at night, when they have the field all to themselves, that we hear the nightingales at their best.
Summer is a wonderful season, composes a wonderful life, just as the colorful rubber wristbands , all is niceness around us.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Find a mirror

In the middle of the night, I was walking by the sea, and baby baluga jumped out from amongst the bushes. SO one day Mr. Gregor exclaimed "Why do skater normals have no preppy either?!?!?!" So I wanted to watched. or Maybe if I wanted to watch it then I had a dream that countless historian lost their credit but i dont Remember what it was. I don't like you but can I have your autograph. No one wants your autograph so I started to cry in the pizza shop. Where did Ryan go? He must have moved to Ohio.

I am at the part where the clay people are coming to town, like the theatatric poop. Jonny is going to flip out because there are bread crumbs in my hair cut. I have such an urge for shattering the world. Do you remember Tinker toys. I remember tinker toys and linkin logs. My linkin logs were almost better thann cannon thingers. Uh OH!!! If you write it in, be neat. One time I found a D and I realized that my intials explained my names. I was so surprised until I realized that was a very stupid conformation name. SMS is Siemens now, and also Sarah. You catholics you never find your saint. You cant even remember your Saint. I can only remember Saint Claire who... I forget. I had it in my head. I hate my middle name. Its so douglas like. Derick MIMS, went to duke and hahaha and he was the pacific south. I painted him with paint and he was painted. I wonder what would happen if you dont show up for your appoint

ment. I like my dental hygentist. He was in my uncles wedding. We were "friends". Take that however you like. So i was writing essays, and I was questioned as to whether or not I should come in the side of the "farm house". I agreed and I realized I didnt have insurance. It hurt a lot going in the side. I got it, when I was little and it was big and red and it got stuck in the machine. It was awful when it ripped out the chunk.