Saturday, May 16, 2009

Find a mirror

In the middle of the night, I was walking by the sea, and baby baluga jumped out from amongst the bushes. SO one day Mr. Gregor exclaimed "Why do skater normals have no preppy either?!?!?!" So I wanted to watched. or Maybe if I wanted to watch it then I had a dream that countless historian lost their credit but i dont Remember what it was. I don't like you but can I have your autograph. No one wants your autograph so I started to cry in the pizza shop. Where did Ryan go? He must have moved to Ohio.

I am at the part where the clay people are coming to town, like the theatatric poop. Jonny is going to flip out because there are bread crumbs in my hair cut. I have such an urge for shattering the world. Do you remember Tinker toys. I remember tinker toys and linkin logs. My linkin logs were almost better thann cannon thingers. Uh OH!!! If you write it in, be neat. One time I found a D and I realized that my intials explained my names. I was so surprised until I realized that was a very stupid conformation name. SMS is Siemens now, and also Sarah. You catholics you never find your saint. You cant even remember your Saint. I can only remember Saint Claire who... I forget. I had it in my head. I hate my middle name. Its so douglas like. Derick MIMS, went to duke and hahaha and he was the pacific south. I painted him with paint and he was painted. I wonder what would happen if you dont show up for your appoint

ment. I like my dental hygentist. He was in my uncles wedding. We were "friends". Take that however you like. So i was writing essays, and I was questioned as to whether or not I should come in the side of the "farm house". I agreed and I realized I didnt have insurance. It hurt a lot going in the side. I got it, when I was little and it was big and red and it got stuck in the machine. It was awful when it ripped out the chunk. 

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