Thursday, July 16, 2009

A pointless story

One day, the dog named John walked over the street.
Suddenly, a pink car with three legs ran over the street. It stopped
and asked for the 5`th session of Friends, but John told that it wasn`t made yet.

The car was angry, and spitted cacodemons out his two mouths.
The cacodemons duplicated each other, and ate up all
the Scooby-snacks. The old lady shouted at Pikachu, and fired
a missile at him. Pikachu evolved into Weedle, and throwed a
burning banana at the car. The banana got angry, and tried to
rule the world. John told the banana that MTV ruled the world, 
and ate him. 

The banana tasted old shoes, wich was not so weird, 
because it was a super sayajin. The green pig with the bell, 
ran towards the car, and exploded like a sheep.
Suddenly, the car started an earthquake, and the whole world turned
into a ice cream. The orcs started an revenge on Donald Duck, and
turned him to a pink bear.

 The old lady advanced into level 10, and
turned into a Fire Demon. The fire demon burned down all mushrooms,
(which was the houses on the planet) and fried all flying carrots.

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